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Sukhothai and Sri Satchanalai:

Sukhothai is home to the most beautiful period of Thai Buddhist art.

Blissfully quiet sites to explore.

And Sri Satchanalai – 1 hour north of Sukhothai is very worthwhile to explore.
Enjoy the peaceful paths by bicycle.

Getting to Sukhothai:
Sukhothai is not on the train route, but comfortable buses depart frequently from Mor Chit bus station in Bangkok- about 6 hour drive. Then continue by bus to Chiang Mai another 6 hours.

However train Bangkok to Phitsanulok is possible and then drive approx 1 hour or bus from there.
The Northern Train route to Phitsanulok stops in Ayuthaya along way and from Phitsanulok continues to Chiang Mai

Bangkok Airways flies between Bangkok and Sukhothai with a lovely boutique airport.



Sukhothai Heritage Resort opposite the airport

In Sukhothai New Town:



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