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Sri Lanka Adam’s Peak and Tea Leaf Vision

May 2012
Sri Lanka: Adam’s Peak and Tea Vision


During this season the clear skies beckon you to climb Adam’s Peak- 2243m, a 7km walk, 5200 steps if you keep counting! Also known as Sri Pada, it is believed Buddha left his footprint at the top. Hindus believe the footprint is Lord Shiva’s and others believe this is where Adam first stepped foot on earth. Whose ever ancient footprint it is, throngs of pilgrims of all faiths continue to leave their own footprints ascending this magical mountain to experience a beautiful sunrise high above the petty problems of the world below.


The pilgrim season begins in January until the Full Moon of May which is also Vesak Puja Day celebrating the enlightenment of Buddha. Beginning at 0100am, a dear companion, Morgan, from the Tea Leaf Vision School and I set off on the path in the peace and silence of the night. Hearing the wind rustle through the leaves following the chain of lights, stopping for tea a few times, we reached the peak just before sunrise which will remain an unforgettable experience! At the top is a temple where the God Saman is worshipped and I am still wondering who Saman is? Apparently Saman is the god who deceives, yet encourages-  and locals come to ask for protection. Reading up more of the myths, I find Saman is also identified as Laksmana which delves deeper into the Ramayana than we normally hear about in Bali!

Walking back down, I feel amazed looking down at what we could not see in the dark… the amazing world of Sri Lanka!

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My visit to the Tea Leaf Vision School in Maskelyia impressed me so much.  Set amidst stunning tea plantations and reservoirs, close to the start point of Adam’s Peak, you can also learn more about tea than Lipton! The school is offering opportunity to the youth of Tamil tea picking families as well as youth from Sinhalese farming communities. Very inspiring! Founder Tim Pare is deeply loved by the students and teachers. Another heartwarming connection to this part of the world


Thank you to the Tea Leaf Vision Team

And thank you to Morgan for guiding me up to Adam’s Peak!

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