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Southern Laos

where the Mekong cascades into Cambodia

Southern Laos offers much to explore including the special Khmer temple of Wat Phou at Champassak.

This area was part of the former Kingdom of Chenla- pre Angkor period. (5th-7th century) Believed to be under the continued protection of Shiva and the Linga mountain, the temple of Wat Phou was constructed later in the 11th century.  The jump off point to visit Wat Phou is the town of Pakse with direct flights from Luang Prabang, Vientiane, Bangkok and also from/to Siem Reap.

Exploring the southern Mekong by boat to Champassak, you can continue to visit the 4000 islands of the Mekong (Si-phan Done) and down to the waterfalls on the Lao- Cambodia border, you may be lucky to spot Irrawaddy dolphin!

The Vat Phou boat, a floating hotel cruising on the Mekong River, Southern Laos

A Liveaboard Cruise is a luxury option for a few nights.
See itineraries on:

Accomodations on Land and explore by local boat:

Pakse town– close to where the airport is located:

Le Jardin Hotel de Pakse:

Athena Hotel in Pakse:

Boutique accomodation close to Wat Phou:

Inthira Hotel

The River Resort:

La Folie Lodge on quiet Don Daeng Island 5km from Wat Phou:

Don Khone and Dondet Islands have become a backpacker mecca. Convenient to Lipi Falls by the Cambodian border, there are lots of budget accomodations available. Best venture out on foot or on bicycle on quiet lanes.

Sala Phae offers raft accomodations on Don Khone.

Sala Done Khone-  close to the rapids at the Cambodia border:

Bolaven Plateau:
also a fascinating area to visit-  waterfalls, coffee plantations and ethnic villages.
For more information on this area, contact another wonderful Guide Serd who runs Lao Horizons Travel:

Travel to and from  Pakse:

Lao Airlines operates flights to Pakse from Luang Prabang, Vientiane, and seasonally from Bangkok, Siem Reap and Ho Chi Minh:

VIP Overnight buses also available from Vientiane via Savannakhet.

Overland border crossings:

to/from Thailand:
Pakse to Ubon Ratchathani in Thailand-  approx 3 hours drive.  from Ubon airport, frequent flights to Bangkok:
to Suvarnabhumi airport:

to Don Meuang Airport with Budget Carriers:

or take a night train between Ubon and Bangkok.
NOTE:  if crossing overland into Thailand, visitors may only receive a 15-day tourist stamp as opposed to 30 days when flying into Thailand.

Overland to Cambodia:
Becoming more popular as road conditions very good now.
VIP buses are available.  Stung Treng in Cambodia is approx one hour drive from the Lao border.

Cambodia and Lao Visas are available on arrival.

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