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Textile Arts


Traditional Bhutanese Textiles  by Barbara Adams,  White Orchid Press, Bangkok  1984

From the Land of the Thunder Dragon- Textile Arts of Bhutan.
Diana Myers and Susan Bean, Peabody Essex Museum of Salem, MA  1995.
Out of print but available in Bhutan.

Costume and Ceremonial Textiles of Bhutan-  Diana K. Myers- Textile Museum Journal, 1987


Burma (Myanmar):

Textiles of the Hill Tribes of Burma
by Michael C. Howard, White Lotus, Bangkok



Cambodian Textiles   by Gillian Green


Laos and Golden Triangle:

Lao-Tai Textiles
The Textiles of Xam Neua and Muang Phuan, by Patricia Cheesman
Including the symbolism and use of  textiles in traditional healing ceremonies.
Published and distributed by Studio Naenna, Chiang Mai:

Peoples of the Golden Triangle
   Six Tribes of Thailand, beautifully illustrated by Paul and Elaine Hudson.

Ock Pop Tok–  East meets West in Laos:

TAEC-  Traditional Arts and Ethnology Center
Luang Prabang:



Splendid Symbols- Textiles and Tradition in Indonesia, Mattiebelle Gittinger.

Contemporary Tie and Dye Textiles of Indonesia,  Kim Saunders

Threads of Life working with weaving communities throughout Indonesia:

Ann Dunham’s (Obama’s mother) Batik Collection
at Textile Museum in Washington DC:




Textiles of the Central Highlands of VietNam  by Michael C. Howard and & Kim Be Howard, White Lotus, Thailand

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