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Mother’s Day Reflections 2024

Bali, May 2024

” I am sure that if the mothers of various nations could meet, there would be no more wars”
… E.M. Forster

This Mother’s Day weekend I went on a retreat into the hills of Bali in honor of Mother’s Day.
I am so grateful my own mother was able to survive World War-2, and that I was safely raised in this world.  Sadly today, too many children are losing their mothers, too many mothers are losing their children in conflicts around the world.

Mothers Day was conceived back in 1870 to protest the insanity of war.

Let us reaffirm our commitment to peace and to honor the courage, and creativity of Mothers around the world who struggle to nourish, nurture and preserve the lives of their children.

Mother Earth on Bali – Ibu Pertiwi

Ibu Pertiwi is a national personification of Indonesia- the meaning of Tanah Air– ( Indonesian meaning land and water )- the motherland.
Since ancient times, the people of the archipelago have revered earth and nature spirits as a life-giving mother. Hindu deities later became integrated into elements of nature with Prithvi-the Hindu goddess of the earth, given the name Pertiwi in Indonesian.

I felt so blessed to have found this special place in the foothills of Mt Batukaru on Bali.
Walking about one cannot help but honor Mother Earth who gives us everything.. And it is amazing with so much destruction by humans, that she still allows us to live here as we discover our destiny…

Find Bali Pesona Eco Lodge on the road to Pura Batukaru Temple, run by a lovely father and son team.
Their mothers are proud of them taking care of this land.
Three simple but cozy lodgings… one house has the splendid view above ..
and another two rooms:

One garden house with an outdoor bathroom and another simple cozy hut in the rice fields.
Meals are lovingly prepared with vegetables grown in their garden.

I so wish for this area of Bali to remain protected.

A quiet forest walk leads to Batukaru Temple where it was wonderful to come across these rejang dancers performing an offering to the gods. 

The clouds were covering the mountain but often visible early mornings.
Holy spring water, Batukaru Temple

Love Mother Earth Every Day !

And thank you to Surya and to Pak Wayan and family at Bali Pesona!

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