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Mother’s Day Reflections May 2024

“I am sure that is the mothers of various nations could meet,
there would be no more wars.” – E.M. Forster

Also honoring Ibu Pertiwi – Mother Earth- discovering a special space on Bali
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A Farewell to Ibu Wayan

Ibu Mangku Wayan Kelepon 19 November, 1950- 28 December, 2023

Our beloved Ibu Wayan, mother of all at Cafe Wayan, Alam Indah Hotels and to so many around the world, has left this world peacefully after enduring a long illness. Ibu has been the heart and inspiration to so many of us who were graced by her presence.
Her cremation ceremony, held on 30 January, 2024, was a very special send off…
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Bali August Moon- Waiting to Dance Again

When covid closed life on Bali, dancers could only dream to dance again.
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Revisiting Orangutans- Tanjung Puting, Borneo, 2019

For years, it was so special to accompany trips into Tanjung Puting National Park.
After several years absence, finally a journey up the Sekonyer River to see the Orangutans again
and to experience the park these days welcoming visitors to this still magical place.
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Halo Halo Bandung -Halo Sundaland

One does not hear much about Sunda…. where is it? It’s West Java- and a long time ago, much more of a land mass that was submerged with rising sea levels. Could this have been the cradle of civilization?
Take a train ride to Bandung including a High Speed Whoosh and discover layers of history from ancient to post Dutch times.
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Indonesia- Easter Reflections sailing to Islands East

Each island feels like its own universe in Indonesia- ethnically diverse, yet also sharing cultural connections. Recalling our days exploring the islands with the MSY Perinitis, traditional whalers of Lamalera make their way to celebrate Good Friday on Flores.
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Caves and Weavers around Tham Lod in Mae Hong Son

Amazing hidden caves in remote mountains of Mae Hong Son province in northern Thailand. Close to the Myanmar border, this area is also home to ethnic Karen people who proudly continue to weave.
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The Salween – if the River Could Talk

Beyond Mae Sariang at the southern part of the Mae Hong Son loop, you can drive to the end of the road in Thailand- to the village of Mae Sam Laep, with the road ending at the Salween River divding Thailand and Myanmar. Could this River ever become a future Peace Park?
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Twilight Over Burma- A Journey to Hsipaw
and the story of a Shan Princess

You may not know what awaits you in a town called Hsipaw. And neither did Austrian, Inge Sargent, who fell in love and married a fellow student from Burma while at the University in Colorado during the 1950s.
But it wasn’t until she arrived in his country, did she find out that he was the ruling Shan prince of Hsipaw, Sao Kya Seng. Inge Sargent wrote about her life in Twilight over Burma– a magical time which unfolded into tragedy with the disappearance of Sao Kya Seng during the 1962 coup.
This journey was about finding the old home of Sao Kya Seng and his Princess.
Getting to Hsipaw is possible by taking the Old Railway Line between Mandalay and Lashio, crossing the famous Gokteik Viaduct, built in 1900 for the British by the Americans.
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Akha Swing Festival in Chiang Rai

“When you don’t have your country anymore, you can still feel free while swinging in the air”
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Silent Walks in Sri Lanka

The Cultural Triangle of Sri Lanka is home to ancient and sacred sites dating back to 4th century.
Anuradhapura served as the first capital where the Sri Maha Boddhi Tree remains very much alive.
Exploring into the countryside, you can walk back in time to Mihintale and the “Rock of Invitation” where the son of King Asoka introduced the teachings of Buddha. Not far away is Ritigala, where Hanoman dropped healing herbs from the Himalayas. Today see remains of a monastic hospital in the quiet forest.
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Trincomalee- an abode of Ravana and his Lingga from Shiva

The Bay of Trinco- the second largest deep-water harbour in the world on the east coast of Sri Lanka has alot more history prior to World War II and the years of colonial rule. This area was an abode of King Ravana. His sacred lingga thrown into the sea by the Portugese, was miraculously rediscoverd during a diving expedition which included Arthur C. Clarke.
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East Java Volcanoes- Mt. Ijen to Bromo

Crossing the Bali Strait from West Bali, a short ferry ride brings you to the port of Banyuwangi on East Java. From here, drive an hour to a beautiful resort at the foot of Mt Ijen. And then from Banyuwangi, comfortable trains are a wonderful travel option to get closer to Mt Bromo and beyond…
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