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Halong Bay

Halong-  The Bay of the Descending Dragon

The legend tells of Mother Dragon who descended to protect Vietnam from invaders. The dragon spat out pearls which turned into limestone islands able to block enemy ships and the bay became a Heavenly abode.

Today tourists are able to flock to Halong Bay in peace and it seems everyone visiting northern Vietnam wishes to venture out to experience this stunning area. The scenery was so beautifully captured in the film Indochine set in the French colonial era during the 1930’s-50 starring Catherine Deneuve.

Halong Bay is an approx 3.5 hour drive Hanoi on a very busy road. Much of the drive passes through newly industrialized areas but then all of a sudden the harbour appears with filled with hundreds of boats and junks and you feel ready to head out to sea.

The nearby airport at Haiphong has been receiving more flights so it is also worthwhile to check into driving one way and flying in/out of Haiphong to either Danang or Ho Chi Minh City.

A day trip from Hanoi is really must too long and exhausting a day- although many people do this.  Many others do one overnight on one of the boats but if time permits, two nights is worthwhile to allow time to sail into more remoter parts such as Bai Tu Long Bay away from the busy boat traffic and crowds. Enjoy some time for kayaking or swimming.  Regulations require though that all boats return to one bay for overnight anchorage so you can enjoy lots of junk spotting.

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