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Bali is just one of 17,000 islands in the world’s largest archipelago, Indonesia. (give or take 1000 depending on the tides!) Less than 4,000 islands are actually inhabited. Bali today, has a population of nearly 4 million in a nation of 250 million people. Located between Java and Lombok, Bali is known for tropical beaches but the heart of the culture lies inland in the lush valleys beneath the sacred volcanoes. Bali maintains a unique society blending art and ritual in daily life.

Terraced rice-fields, skilled artisans, dancers and gamelan musicians – Bali is a place that has touched many visitors with its welcoming hospitality. Ubud, as the arts and cultural center of island, is where you can begin your journey into the heart of Bali.

Alam Indah hidden behind the Monkey Forest is a wonderful home-base.

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