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Lumbini and Buddha’s Path

Lumbini: Birthplace of Buddha

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The site where Queen Mayadevi gave birth to Siddhartha Gautama.

Lumbini is a large area with temples representing all Buddhist countries welcoming pilgrims.
Many of the temples offer accomodations and meditation retreats.

Sakya Guest House is a very comfortable, clean and reasonably priced guesthouse run by Tashi Rabten Ling Monastery. Located close to the historical park:

Here is an interesting website about Lumbini past and present as well as info on pilgrimage sites:

Kapilavastu and the Sakya Palace:
about 27km from Lumbini is Kapilavastu, where the Buddha was raised as Prince Siddhartha


This is the remains of the East Gate of the Sakya Palace –
the gate Siddharta walked through to embark on his journey to enlightenment….
An amazing place to sit here with some silent time.

Getting to Lumbini:


From Kathmandu: approx 8-hour bus ride or 30 min. flight to Lumbini airport at Bhairahawa.
Overland from/to the India border crossing at Sunauli is approx 30km drive.

A Buddha Path-  starting  in Bodhgaya, the place of Buddha’s Enlightenment
Mahabodhi Temple

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The Boddhi Tree where Buddha gained enlightenment.

Bodhgaya is an amazing place with pilgrims coming to the Mahabodhi Temple from all Buddhist traditions. There is a range of accommodations from guesthouses to pilgrim rooms at the various temples representing all Buddhist countries.

Root Institute:

Courses on Buddhism in Tibetan Tradition and guided pilgrimages.
A sanctuary in Bodhgaya with a wonderful school and hospital serving the poor:

Under the umbrella of:

Getting to Bodhgaya:
By train to Gaya station in Bihar from Kolkatta or from Delhi and Varanasi.
Flights also serve Gaya airport from Delhi and certain times from Kolkatta
Seasonal flights operate directly into Gaya from Bangkok.
From Gaya airport, it is less than 30 min. drive to Bodhgaya. A little longer from Gaya city train station.

a wonderful book:
Along the Path: A Meditator’s Companion:


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