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The world’s largest archipelago of more than 17,000 islands (give or take a few thousand depending if high or low tide!) is a nation of overwhelming diversity of cultures, flora and fauna. Migrations of peoples have settled over 300 ethnic groups within these islands.

Trade routes of spices were once the gold of the Earth while influences of Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam and Christianity arrived and continue to co-exist with ancient wisdoms and animist beliefs. Situated along the Ring of Fire and the largest chain of volcanoes, life in Indonesia flows alongside the forces and rhythms of nature. It was an incredible privilege to explore these islands with expedition cruise ships and aboard the beloved Bugis boat, MSY Perintis- from pristine beaches and coral reefs, to meet up with real Komodo dragons and tribal peoples from Asmat to Borneo. And to sit with orangutans while hornbills graciously fly above. Humans have taken so much from this planet and sadly many species of precious wildlife are becoming extinct. But for those who tread lightly and with a sense of adventure, Indonesia remains a fascinating destination to discover.

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With greater awareness of its treasures, hopefully the beauty of Indonesia
may be experienced by more future generations.

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