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A Farewell to Ibu Wayan

Om Swastiastu from Bali
ibu Mangku Wayan Kelepon 19 November 1950- 28 December, 2023

A Farewell to Ibu

Our beloved Ibu Wayan, mother of all us at Cafe Wayan, Alam Indah Hotels and to so many around the world, left us peacefully after enduring a long illness. ibu has been the heart and inspiration to so many of us who were graced by her presence.

Ibu had quite a send off at the end of January around the Full Moon, following weeks of preparations and with so many people in the community present. The ceremonies for a cremation are quite complex and this photo album cannot cover all of the rituals that took place, but will hopefully give you a sense of all that took place to ensure Ibu’s journey to the next life went smoothly.  To the Balinese, the cremation ceremony is the ultimate return to the elements of the universe from which all life is born.

Life is now carrying on for those of us still in the conventional world.
Alam Indah and Cafe Wayan continue to sincerely welcome guests to Bali. 
May Ibu now be reunited with Bapak Ketut with their spirit looking down, guiding us all.

Below is a link to an album I have put together with some explanation to the rituals.
The children dancers led the procession for Ibu’s cremation which was very touching.

Ibu will be greatly missed but her spirit will remain in the hearts of many forever.

Thank you to Andy Birtwistle staying at Alam Shanti for getting the photos from the front of the procession as I was following from behind.

Click Below for the Album-  and hope it opens well:

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti

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